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Cleaning Eye

In order to remove dirt, oil and avoid massive build-ups you should wash your lenses daily with a mild soap and warm water. To dry a lens use a lens cloth or cotton and avoid using towels or camera lens paper. You can buy lens-cleaning cloth and lens gel (or spray) from on our accessories option to remove fingerprints, dirt build-ups and smudges.

With your thumb and forefinger of one hand hold glasses by the eye frame and use the other hand to gently clean the lenses in a circular motion. Do not press the lenses too hard.

Weekly wash the cleaning cloth with a mild soap always avoid using fabric softener when drying the cloth. To avoid permanent marks that will obstruct clear vision buy scratch-resistant eyeglasses. When the reading glasses are not in use keep them in a case. Always keep them in a safe place, away from clumsy hands that might knock them to the ground.

Many clothing fabrics contain rough fibres that will scratch or dirty the lenses so do not use your shirt to clean your eyeglasses.

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